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Julibrite Tongue Cleaner

Tongue Cleaner with 4 Smart Functions for a Clean Tongue and Fresh Breath

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JuliBrite Tongue Cleaner

JuliBrite tongue cleaner comes with an innovative design featuring 4 clever functions in 1 product, making tongue cleaning more thorough and straightforward than ever.

Enjoy 4 conveniences in 1 tongue cleaner:

  1. Gel Applicator with Massage Pattern: The unique design of JuliBrite includes a special gel applicator with small beads on the underside. Simply apply tongue gel to these beads and effortlessly massage it onto your tongue. This ensures a thorough and even distribution of the cleaning gel for optimal effectiveness.

  2. Variable Scrapers: JuliBrite is equipped with scrapers of three different heights. This intelligent design allows for reaching multiple heights in the mucosa, preventing stubborn bacteria and dirt from persisting. Say goodbye to superficial cleaning, as JuliBrite goes deeper than ever before.

  3. Soft Micropoint Bristles: The tongue often has irregularities that are challenging to reach with traditional tongue cleaners. JuliBrite uses soft micro point bristles that not only clean the surface but also penetrate the smallest crevices and gaps of the tongue. A complete cleaning that goes beyond what you thought possible.

  4. Gunk-Collector: At the end of the brush bristles, you'll notice a cleverly designed edge that slightly elevates. This is JuliBrite's gunk collector. After brushing up dirt and bacteria, effortlessly scrape away the last traces of grime with this ingenious feature. A final, effective step for unparalleled cleaning.

Choose the revolution in oral care with JuliBrite. Discover the difference and experience fresh breath, a healthy tongue, and the confidence that comes with optimal oral hygiene. Order your JuliBrite today and enjoy tongue cleaning like never before.

How to Use JuliBrite Tongue Cleaner Effectively:

  1. Begin by scraping off the largest residue using the 3 scraping parts on the back of JuliBrite.
  2. Apply JuliBrite tongue gel to the applicator.
  3. Massage the gel into the tongue tissue, ensuring an even distribution.
  4. Gently brush across the tongue to bring all impurities to the surface.
  5. Tilt the tongue cleaner and wipe off the residue from the tongue.
  6. Optionally, perform a few additional scrapes using the 3 scraping parts, as desired.

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